How to make my Easy Turbo Cider with 100% Fruit Juice in 30 mins!

Home Brew Cider
This is my very basic recipe for making cider, but hopefully you find it useful. In this example I used Tropical Juice (mix of apple, pineapple, orange, mango and passionfruit), but substitute for a juice of your liking.

Note: I used self venting homebrewing caps, which don’t require an airlock and will carb the bottles up without intervention –

(Unfortunately these caps are no longer available but I believe there are other self venting caps on the market if you search on Google.)


– 100% juice (Apple, Pear and Apple, Tropical, Raspberry etc
– 40gms white sugar per 750ml bottle
– 1/8 teaspoon or 1/4 gm yeast (US-05, Nottingham Ale, Champagne, Wine etc)

Ferment at approx 20C for 12-14 days. Chill one and taste test for the level of sweetness. If it’s still too sweet for your liking, ferment for a few more days. Once you are happy, place all bottles in the fridge to halt fermentation and retain the sweetness level.

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