How to Bottle Cider – Make Hard CIder at Home Part 2

Home Brew Cider
How to finish and bottle a one gallon batch of hard cider made from store bought apple juice. Check out to read the full blog post!

Making a gallon of hard cider at home is super easy and this recipe is the basis of the Home Cider Making website.

To make hard apple cider you will need the following:


1 Gallon of apple cider

Steps to make hard apple cider:
1. Clean and sanitize all equipment
2. Take a hydrometer reading
3. Add ingredients to the carboy
4. Install the airlock
5. Wait for fermentation to begin


After a week my cider was fully fermented. I took two hydrometer readings two days apart to confirm that fermentation has ended by getting the same reading final gravity reading. Also, the final gravity reading is needed to calculate the ABV of the cider.

Original Gravity: 1.046 sg
Final Gravity: 1.000 sg
ABV: 6.3%

Then I racked the cider into a clean 1/2 gallon growler to bottle condition and the remaining cider into a PET to force carbonate.

I used an auto siphon to transfer the hard cider so did not disturb the yeast and sediment that is on the bottom of the fermentor.

To the 1/2 gallon growler, I added 14g of priming sugar so the cider would bottle carbonate.

Please use a carbonation calculator and a scale to accurately make priming sugar additions.

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