Motueka SMaSH Pale Ale Homebrew Beer 5.1% – Taste Test & Recipe

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Motueka SMaSH Pale Ale Homebrew 5.1% – Taste Test. This is definitely one of my best beers to date! Cheers

Recipe for 9.5 litre All-grain BIAB (60 min mash, 15 min boil)
3kgs of NZ Ale Malt (or similar 2 row pale malt)
20gms Motueka hops 7% AA @ 15 mins
20gms Motueka hops 7% AA @ 5 mins
10gms Motueka hops 7% AA @ 0 mins (flame out)
US-05 yeast 1/2 packet
25gms Motueka hops 7% AA – Dry hopped in muslin bag for last 7 days of fermentation.
Mashed in at 67/68C in 9.5L of water for 60mins, then sparged with 2 litres of 70C water.
OG = 1.044
FG = 1.010
IBU = 30 approx
ABV 5.1%

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